Mal Simms – Mal Simms’ own website showcasing his other talent; photography and art.
Clare Sanders – Clare Sanders own website for her compositions and songs.
Paul Burgess – Paul Burgess’ website.
Celtic Simbel – Legacy founders Mal Simms and Jules Bell have come together once again. You can see them performing around Sussex regularly.
Nick Burbridge – Nick is well known around the Brighton scene as an accomplished songwriter with connections to The Levellers. Our very own TIm Cotterell has been producing Nick’s albums in recent years.
Nick Clyne – Soundman extraordinaire, Nick worked with Legacy as our sound man for a good few years and was well known on the festival scene behind the mixing desk. Nick sadly passed in 2013 but he’s far from forgotten. His brilliant sense of humour and sharp intelligence lives on through those who knew him.
Jimmy Dunning – The late great songwriter from Liverpool who lived in West Sussex. Mal Simms worked with Jimmy and Paul Burgess produced Jimmy’s album and continues to work on and issue recordings from Jimmy’s archive.
Pied Merlin – Mal’s other band, including Steve Lane, known to us as Tune Master who played regularly with Legacy and guested on Bamboozle in the early days.
The Willows – Legacy cut their teeth playing at the Willows Folk Club in the early days. Kept going strong by the brilliant Chris Davis.
Super Strings – The place to Buy Guitar Strings and more.